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title. AS

date. 2018

city. Sliedrecht


I believe in 3 realities, the earthly reality, the heavenly reality and the digital reality. We have created the digital reality ourselves and I think it has similarities with the hereafter. Instead of a soul, someone can take on an avatar. This is a better version of yourself. Although the avatar resides in a different reality, it is connected to your person, your earthly reality. If we can create an avatar in a new reality, perhaps we can also give a machine a personality or soul in our earthly reality.

A machine is perfect in itself and will never make mistakes. This makes him characterless. A personal will makes the machine imperfect, because it will not always perform what the maker requires of him. This makes the machine unpredictable, destructive to itself or its environment. But also intriguing and useful on a whole new level. A creature is created with which you can build a bond.

Making a machine with a soul puts the relationships between God and man in a new light. It asks questions about our relationships with digitization and artificial intelligence.


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