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WEB_Hoop_22 vierkant.jpg

title. Hoop (Hope)

date. 2021

city. Oosterhout


Stichting Kunst in de Heilige Driehoek (The Art in the Holy Triangle Foundation) organises a biennial of international stature every two years. This special art event takes place in the area 'The Holy Triangle', in Oosterhout (North Brabant). For the Biennale 2021, I was invited to make a kinetic installation for an empty well in the courtyard of Sint Catharinadal. I took water as my starting point. Water that I see in the first place as a symbol of hope. But also of life, cleansing, baptism, forgiveness of sins. "Hope is most visible when life is hard. Hope seeps, drips, constantly changes its form, takes root, grows. Hope is always fragile at first, but precisely in that smallness, in that fragility, lies its enormous power. Power to get through something difficult.

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